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De La Rosa Cakes – wedding cakes centered on a fine balance of timeless elegance, fashion influence, femininity and fresh modern appeal.

Life and happenstance took Amy into a career as a scientist before a move to Australia – via an 11 year stint in the UK – saw her settle beside the sunny shores of Perth with her little family. Amy set about decorating her new WA home (in whites and creams, of course) and felt in love with the Australian lifestyle – yet while she adored her work as biomedical scientist, still she longed to spend her days surrounded by life’s precious moments and the happy faces they bring.

Soon her yearning blossomed into a business idea, and De La Rosa Cakes was born. Its mission? To create edible works of art made with love that help people to celebrate their most pivotal moments.

De La Rosa Cakes

«It is our goal to remain steadfastly and rather than merely following trends, we endeavour to really reflect what we – our clients – find truly beautiful»

Today, De La Rosa Cakes is renowned for turning out one of a kind aesthetic delights, as much as for delivering unparalleled taste, and has been feature in many leading and online and print publications.

Having since joined in the business by her childhood sous chef, Mia, Amy’s brainchild has morphed into a family affair with heart. De La Rosa Cakes philosophy centres on a fine balance of timeless luxury, fashion influence, femineity and fresh modern appeal. The signature touch is our very special handmade icing flowers, all crafted with exceptional attention to detail (be sure to take a look up close).

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