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Cakes Jasmine Rae

Jasmine Rae – fine art cake maker from San Francisco turning cakes into a form of art.

Jasmine Rae de Lung was born in 1981 in San Francisco. She has a formal art background and this informs her cake designs. Her designs are separated into aesthetic categories: Wind, Mineral, Blossoming, Structure, Water, and Atmosphere. Her cakes possess movement, a myriad of shades, touches of metallics, and artistic panels.

Jasmine Rae cakes taste as good as they look. She prides herself on making cakes with a balance of flavor and not too much sweetness. Her flavor options are also very extensive. 

Jasmine Rae

«I believe art should reveal the hand of the artist.»

The cornerstone of her work is the natural process — relying on experienced skills to set up her materials and revel in their surprise; to surrender to the contortion of a rice paper petal as it dries; and constantly be responding to the cake as it forms.

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