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Cakes The Caker

The Caker – cakes for couples who want to blow their guests’ minds with the dessert.

Jordan Rondel started The Caker brand in Auckland, New Zealand. Her grandparents were French and, according to Rondel herself, instilled in her a respect for real ingredients and the magic of home baking. Naked cakes are a popular choice for “Caker Couples” (couples who select The Caker as their baker), as The Caker opts not to use fondant, favoring the more natural, authentic flavor profiles.

The Caker

«My cakes are known for tasting even better than they look.»

She uses Belgian couverture chocolate and pack her cakes full of fruit so every bite is as heavenly as the one before. All of her recipes contain ground almonds to replace some or all of the flour, lending a beautiful texture and creating a more wholesome, moist, and sumptuous cake. To decorate, her signature look is simply a selection of fresh flowers. There is no food coloring or fondant around here.

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