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Photographers Nina Gorshunova

Nina Gorshunova wants to take really stylish, natural and timeless photos

For as long as Nina can remember, she has always been interested in photography. Developing film with her father in the bathroom and then holding piles of new photos with smiling people in her hands is one of her greatest childhood memories. But it took a while for her to understand that she wants to be a professional photographer.

When Nina moved to London, she was so inspired by that amazing city that she got a camera and started taking photos of everything: architecture, people, events, etc. She wanted to capture every moment of every day.

Nina Gorshunova

“My goal is to capture the atmosphere of the special day and make every moment a history”.

Having tried her hand at different types and genres of photography, Nina realized that wedding photography was the one she wanted to focus on. She enjoys taking wedding photos because, at a wedding, people kind of live one more little life experiencing a full range of different emotions.

In Nina’s photos, you will hardly see any complicated model poses or crazy reportage ideas. Rather, her shots are candid but elegant and refined. Strong background in maths and programming helps Nina to make her works well-structured. Her dream is to work with lovers who consider a wedding to be a truly meaningful and touching event.

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