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Ksenia Ridolfi organizes high-end weddings for sophisticated couples in Italy and France
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Ksenia Ridolfi organizes high-end weddings for sophisticated couples in Italy and France.

Ksenia Ridolfi's team carefully handcrafts and designs unique wedding experiences where every single detail is an important part of the story. Their weddings are distinguished by special delicate taste, sense of style, beauty, and class.

Designing their events they like to use the five senses to deliver an authentic aesthetic experience to the clients. As with any masterpiece, a wedding by Ksenia Ridolfi requires a lot of time and full dedication, which is why they do just a few selected weddings per year partnering with the best vendors in the industry carefully. 


«A wedding by Ksenia Ridolfi is an exclusive invitation to celebrate love, beauty and life in the most amazing sceneries of Italy and France!»

Classic beauty, monumental and harmonic. Taking that as a base and being constantly aware of all the trends in the industry, the team of Ksenia Ridolfi loves creating an atmosphere of visual and emotional harmony during their wedding celebrations for the couples and their guests. 

Ksenia Ridolfi loves giving special attention to the clients which is why the planner provides them with a full wedding planning service, including but not limited to Venue Management, Project Management, Decor & Concept.  

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