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Claire is all about authentic cinematic story telling
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Claire is all about authentic cinematic story telling

Originally from the United Kingdom, Claire made the permanent move to Australia in 2022, to live out a dream both she and her husband shared since their first date when they were 18 years old. 

Claire has always been in awe of films ability to capture, harness and treasure emotion. What she does goes beyond capturing the chosen aesthetics of a wedding day. For her, filming a wedding is about understanding who the couple is at their core, what this day means to them individually and together. Claire wants to connect with the journey they’ve been on which has led them to this day, the start of their marriage.

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«I want too curate a film that reflects all the raw and real emotion on their wedding day»

Because that’s just it. It’s about filming something so authentic to her couple that they possess a memory, one that they can remember, relive and share for a lifetime. 

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