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Beauty Dana Vaughan

Dana Vaughan is an Australian social media content creator & makeup artist based in Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs

Dana's love for makeup began at a young age, along with her expensive taste for makeup. Picture this, 2 years old, face covered in Diorshow Mascara. She's always loved creating, drawing & painting.

After falling sick in her late teens, whilst bedridden, Dana began binge watching YouTube makeup tutorials – this is where the obsession began. She started her Instagram in 2013 and began taking on event & bridal clients in 2014 whilst completing year 12.

Since completing her Diploma of Specialist Makeup in 2015, Dana has been recognised for her work and published in the likes of Bode Magazine, Dreamingless Magazine and Lucy’s Webitorials.

Dana Vaughan

«Enhancing natural beauty & feeling confident in your own skin is what’s truly important to me»

Over time, Dana has developed her signature style: soft, bronzed, glowing skin & warm tones.

Dana has worked with brands including Instagram, Remington, Bayse Brand, All Things Golden and Naked Vice. As Dana evolves she works now not only as a makeup artist with clients on their wedding day but also has a heavy focused on creating content, working with the likes of Mecca Beauty, YSL Beauty, Bangn Body, Napoleon Perdis & more creating content for these brands.

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