Leah Baines | THEWED | Best Professional Make Up Artist in Australia | Wedding Stylist

Leah Baines is a top makeup artist based in Sydney.
Beauty Leah Baines

Leah Baines is a top makeup artist based in Sydney.

With an affinity for enhancing natural beauty, Leah has an innate passion for perfecting flawless natural looks, yet doesn’t shy away from bold editorial looks. After receiving a one year full time scholarship for makeup artistry in NZ, Leah then moved to Sydney, Australia to pursue her career. Her unparalleled skill has enabled her to build an extensive range of clientele, both internationally and locally, working with some of the most recognisable brands in the fashion and beauty industry alike.

With extensive experience working on editorial campaigns, TVCs, shoots and fashion shows, it’s no surprise Leah has also hosted her own masterclasses where she loves to share her passion for artistry and her techniques. Leah has many accolades to her name such as brand ambassadorships and product collaborations.

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