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Alice Vicente
Photographers Alice Vicente

Alice Vicente is a wedding photographer specializing in refined weddings

Alice's professional knowledge of wedding portraiture combines with her unique approach to capturing the wedding day, creating classic and sophisticated images that stand the test of time. Beyond the personal connection that Alice builds with each client as she adapts to address the individual needs of each couple are photos which inspire an emotional connection. 


Alice Vicente

«Creating visual poetry that tells the story of your wedding day in its most pure state of honesty and beauty»

Throughout the wedding day, Alice is able to both direct couples to achieve natural-looking, visually arresting portraits, and to capture moments of real emotion as the day unfolds. She has a lover's heart and an artist's soul, and believes that imperfections and true beauty are intertwined. She embraces real moments and celebrates beautifully crafted ones, providing a final gallery as seen through the eyes of a dreamer.

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