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Andy Nasta is a wedding photographer from NYC, whose aim is to reveal the beauty of raw emotions.
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Andy Nasta is a wedding photographer from NYC, whose aim is to reveal the beauty of raw emotions.

Andy Nasta started his journey as a photographer 11 years ago. Then, during a trip to Rome, he looked around and found himself with a desire to capture the things that inspire him. After many years of work and numerous wedding projects all over the world, Andy now resides in New York. He draws inspiration from the city, but most importantly – from the people in it.

For Andy, wedding photography is a whole small life, as it captures the brightest day in the lives of two people. He came into wedding photography to shoot an emotional reportage, and that remains the highlight of his works. Andy is grateful for the opportunity to share the emotional day with the couple,  and capture the memorable moments.

Andy Nasta

«For me, wedding photography – is a moment that should be memorized»

The perfect wedding photography for Andy is the one that captures the atmosphere, reveals the beauty of people, filled with laughter, tears, and aesthetics. Such photos capture the couple and their guests enjoying themselves, having the times of their lives, and simply being at present while going through one of the most memorable life experiences. 

Andy is aspiring to shoot as many national authentic weddings across the world as possible, to shoot different people and their customs. The key force behind his desire is the realization of how multifaceted the world is, what cultures and mentalities inhabit it, and how different the people are. Andy aims to expand his consciousness all the time.

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