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Brittany Boote has cultivated a lifelong devotion to storytelling, fashion, and embracing creative endeavors
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Brittany Boote is a luxury wedding photographer who gracefully breaks the rules

Brittany has cultivated a lifelong devotion to storytelling, fashion, and embracing creative endeavors. Over the past six years, she has seamlessly merged these passions with her affection for people and a profound reverence for legacy.

Brittany Boote

“With my approach to photography, everything is intentional & personal”

Through her lens, Brittany has crafted compelling and extraordinary imagery that reveres beauty, individuality, and the essence of connection. Brittany adapts her images and approach to every couple and uses their unique style and story as the inspiration for everything she does. Her work is characterized by a keen attention to detail, a commitment to honesty, and the creation of portraiture that exudes a magazine-worthy allure.

09 September 2023

She shot our engagement photos and we were totally blown away

Whenever we say that Brittany Boote is our wedding photographer, we are told that we have the best of the best!  Not only does she have the talent she also has a great personality!
24 June 2023

Brittany has been great through the year+ process we have been in contact with her

She has provided the attention and care to us as clients as well as humans that I would hope for with a vendor and life event such as this! -  June 2023
17 December 2022

We were so lucky to have her

Brittany is so warm and she has a personality and professionalism that just pulls you in and makes you feel comfortable. Much like her work, she is magnetic. When we finally met in person, she made us both feel so comfortable in front of the camera. When we received our photographs back it further solidified everything I already felt and knew. I look back on those photos and I can remember that day and the feelings I had and it pulls me back to that moment. We were so lucky to have her. She's the only person for the job.
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15 July 2022

Brittany is truly a gem!

Brittany remained perfectly in the background throughout the day. Brittany is able to capture raw moments and doesn’t need to make a big production of it. She seamlessly fits into your day and does her magic. She seamlessly fits into the background of your big day capturing the best moments without you even realizing it. 

She truly manages to capture the essence of people, and not just take photos of what is happening. Her images bring out such an emotional response, and I don’t know of anyone else that is capable of that.
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10 April 2021

We were lucky enough to have Brittany

If anything, we knew the pictures were going to turn out great but when we saw them we were still surprised at how absolutely amazing they are. We were lucky enough to have Brittany as a photographer a few times and each time our jaws were on the floor when we got to the gallery.
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