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Jake Fosmire is a Southern California-based wedding photographer, seamlessly blending contemporary art and documentary approaches
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Jake Fosmire is a Southern California-based wedding photographer, seamlessly blending contemporary art and documentary approaches

Jake Fosmire is renowned for his contemporary, poetic, and lively style, drawing inspiration from storytelling and human elements, enriched with vintage film influences. Specializing in Environmental Portraiture, Jake has mastered the art of capturing moments that resonate with authenticity and emotion.

Driven by a profound passion for photography, Jake describes himself as a dedicated photography nerd, expressing an unwavering commitment to his craft. Photography is not just a profession for him but an integral part of his identity, shaping the way he approaches each wedding with his whole heart.

Jake Fosmire

“I am not here to be just another vendor, but an artist who is ready to tell your story with you”

In navigating the delicate balance between candid and posed shots, Jake prioritizes capturing genuine connections over stiff, forced scenarios. He crafts a relaxed atmosphere, allowing the joy of the occasion to naturally shine through in his photographs.

Beyond the lens, Jake's commitment to understanding a couple's story is grounded in open communication. While forgoing specific rituals, he underscores the importance of listening to truly serve his clients. With a limited number of clients per year, Jake provides a personalized experience, granting open access to his calendar for extensive Zoom or phone calls.

12 October 2023

A truly talented photographer

Jake Fosmire photographed our wedding on 10/21/23 and he did an amazing job!!! We are so glad we chose him as our wedding photographer. The photos came out absolutely beautiful. He captured all the little details of the day so beautifully. He also got so many fun candid shots on the dance floor that make us feel like we are reliving the night. He is truly a talented photographer. His photos are a work of art, rather than looking staged and posy. We could tell how passionate he is about film photography, and it shows through his photos. Jake was also very kind and made us feel super comfortable. Throughout the entire process he was always quick to respond and answer any questions. He also got our entire gallery back to us in only 3 weeks!! 10/10 recommend!
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14 July 2023

Absolutely stunning, the best I've ever seen

Since the wedding I have been trying to find the words or come up with something so amazing to tell you. I even called Jason to ask him what would be appropriate because I have been so overwhelmed with everything you have done for us that I simply can not come up with the words. Like I have no words. I will try my best to convey this message to you. 
Since the moment that you, walked into the bridal suite - I knew that it was going to be absolutely amazing. There was never a doubt in my mind that you and the crew would capture the happenings of our wedding. Not even in my wildest dreams would I have thought that we would have such an amazing and memorable day in the suite prior to the wedding. I really had no expectation of how our wedding day would be so to come out on the other side and have the memories created is absolutely amazing. It felt as if you and the team were part of our wedding party, simply like family. BTW my mom wont stop talking about how much she loved you all and how amazing the experience was. Not just my mom but a large number of the guests that we had. I even had someone reenact how insync you are with your flash/lighting techniques with the camera lol they said it was like a dance. 
My brother, got married in 2021 and had a large team of photographers and videographers. They were so excited prior to their wedding and thought that they had hired the best team to do their photography and video. They waited 1 year for their video to come back to them. They waited about 2-3 months for their photos to come back to them. They spent triple your rate on both of those services. They truly thought that they had hired the perfect team for the wedding. What I am trying to say is that their wedding photos did not even come close to ONE photo that you shot for us. NOT ONE. THERE IS NO COMPARISON JAKE. You are truly the best and I hope you know. The experience that we had at my brother's wedding was so stiff and not fun at all. These people were not personable and did not make the crowd feel comfortable. You and the crew just walked in and I was like omg they are so fun!!!!! I don't know how many times I can say it. It was an absolute pleasure to have you with us on the most special day. It truly felt like an absolutely magical movie. I think back and sometimes don't even think it was real. lol omg so sappy of me. I will just continue to ramble on now.
The photos Jake, no words. Absolutely stunning, the best I've ever seen. The amount of compliments I wish you could hear from my ears are insane. You have some major fans from our family and friends and I will 100 percent scream it from the rooftops about how every person needs to hire you for the most memorable day. I am still so shook from looking at the gallery. I feel like every time I look at the photos I see new ones that I feel like I haven't seen since the previous time of me looking. 
From the bottom of my heart I truly can not thank you enough for making my wedding day the absolute best. I don't think it would have been the day it was if it wasn't for you and the crew. Jason was absolutely correct when he said that you are the perfect choice. I keep telling nick omg I want to schedule a call with Jake and tell him how much I love him and these photos and nick keeps laughing at me lol I feel like we had a wild wedding which I love so very much - the photos on the dance floor are so hilarious and the moment captured are so pure. I feel like you captured Nick and I perfectly. The love that we have for each other shows through these photos. I will say that I have never felt so beautiful in my entire life besides my wedding day. You captured this image of myself that I feel like I have never seen or felt before and I seriously mean that. I have these memories and photos to look back on for the rest of my life. I feel very spoiled by you and the amount of time and effort that you created for us. I don't even know how to thank you enough. 
What can we do for you? Of course we write an amazing review - but what can we do? I want you to shoot every wedding in the world. I want everyone to experience what I experienced because I feel like it is truly so special. Please let me know what I can do to assist you with more and more and more business. 
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