Wedding Photos by Jessica Livingston | Best Bridal Photographer in California

Photographers Jessica Livingston

Jessica Livingston is a wedding photographer based in Southern California

Jessica shoots using both 35mm film and digital cameras. She would describe her work as natural, filmy, emotive, and nostalgic. Moreover, her images have a documentary theme to them, as that is the theme of the images that she thinks do the best job at making couples relive memories and emotions through their photos.

Jessica is inspired by nature more than anything. Light and colors are what motivate her style and theory on photography. Human connection is beautiful and changes from second to second — it’s an honor to witness and capture it every day. 

Jessica Livingston

«I believe that photography is both an art and an experience. My goal is to make the experience just as valuable as the memories captured»

Jessica tends to gravitate towards the unposed and she enjoys becoming friends with her clients and she is always honored to get to spend the day with them on one of the most important days of their lives. She feels that a client connection is what makes her images look like they do, and is key to both good images and a good client experience.

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