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Nirav Patel – capturing the often overlooked quiet moments.
Photographers Nirav Patel
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Nirav Patel – capturing the often overlooked quiet moments.


The reason Nirav became a photographer is simple. To him photographs are one of the greatest treasures he could ever have, as they are are much more than just paper and ink. They are precious heirlooms full of memories and milestones that transport people to another time and place. With them you get to experience incredible moments you was never a part of and remember and cherish the fleeting ones.

Nirav Patel

«My passion lies in creating photographs that document the most cherished moments in an intentional, artful, and cinematic way.»

Doing photography as a profession is an incredible honor for Nirav. If Nirav was to photograph your wedding, please know that he doesn't not want to mold your story into a false narrative to fit a standard wedding template. Instead, Nirav hopeas to craft a unique and honest story that artfully preserves the memories of one of the most important days of your lives. A love story that represents who you are as individuals, as a couple, and as a member of a loving community.

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