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Sini Choi – wedding photographer known for her cinematic storytelling and capturing intimate moments through digital, 35mm, and medium format film
Photographers Sincerely Sini

Sini Choi – wedding photographer known for her cinematic storytelling and capturing intimate moments through digital, 35mm, and medium format film

Sini Choi is based in NYC and CA, traveling often to document weddings worldwide.

Through her quiet and comfortable approach, she is committed to making photographs with a residual essence. Sini is fascinated by the nuances of human connection & deeply moved by light, classical portraiture and cinematic storytelling.

Sincerely Sini

"Intentional, unconventional, honest storytelling"

She works to photograph her subjects with warmth and sensibility, by leaning into the small moments (of great importance) that are often muffled and fleeting in nature, but nevertheless play an integral role in the narrative of a wedding day.

18 July 2024

We're truly in awe!

Hope you're doing well!! Thank you so much for all the time you put into editing & curating this wonderful gallery – we're OBSESSED! We just spent many hours this evening browsing through these 1000+ photos and reliving the precious moments. You captured all the details with such a fine balance of precision and artistic vision, and we couldn't be happier to have entrusted you to shoot our big day. Honestly, between every few photos we looked at, we'd turn to each other and be like "omg this shot is so good! and that one too! how did Sini get this so perfectly!". Your ability to capture these fleeting moments in time with photos that emulated our raw & candid feelings is a true talent. We also personally just love how perfect the lighting and angles were in the photos, especially the film ones – we're truly in awe!

Thinking back to our wedding day, we were in a constant state of high adrenaline, causing some memories to feel like a blur. Through browsing your gallery, we got to experience a full vivid story of our wedding day, from the build-up of emotions during the ceremony to the genuine smiles & fun our guests shared throughout the evening. There may have been some weather hiccups along the way that threw off our original timeline, and we appreciated your unwavering support & flexibility throughout that day. We feel truly blessed to have worked with you, Sini, and to be gifted with your amazing photography skills and friendship. 

I'll for sure miss this part of wedding planning dearly – from our first engagement shoot where we slurping ramen curbside, to video-chatting weeks before the wedding and feeling so much genuine support from you (which really helped calm our nerves), to sharing our special day with you & David. We definitely hope to continue keeping in touch and share in new life milestones in the future! And we'll be cheering you on from the sidelines as you continue to make such a beautiful impact and touch the lives of many more couples to come.
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