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Italian Weddings and Events has been planning, designing and producing exclusive and spectacular celebrations in Italy for over 15 years, bringing their clients’ vision to life and exceeding expectations.
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Italian Weddings & Events creates the finest memorable experiences that will never be forgotten.

Italian Weddings and Events has been planning, designing and producing exclusive and spectacular celebrations in Italy for over 15 years, bringing their clients’ vision to life and exceeding expectations.

With over 40 years of combined experience, their team has worked alongside some of international most prestigious clientele, producing amazing events with a focus on planning, hospitality, concierge services and luxury goods sourcing. Fluent in English, Italian, Spanish, French and Lithuanian, the team of Italian Weddings and Events is able to assist with a multitude of clients, making them feel comfortable, and confident that their vision will be understood and brought to life flawlessly, working alongside first-class venues and vendors.


Italian Weddings & Events

«Nothing is missed, our goal is to create a stress-free planning process and surpassing expectations from beginning to end»

The focus of planning services is, more often than not, exclusive to destinations in Italy. However, the team has experience in prestigious international locations, including Portugal, Colombia, Mexico and Spain. Italian Weddings & Events will help to create an event filled with culture and beauty, allowing their clients and guests to fully immerse in the breathtaking landscapes of Italy. Their exclusive full-service destination wedding planning services can bring any dream to life.

AndreaNaar Alba, Founder & Creative Director of Italian Weddings and Events, developed a reputation of excellence in Italy, as a wedding destination expert. She had the honor to speak at leading international conferences, such as: Engage! The luxury wedding summit, Karen Tran –The Floral Experience, TTG Tourism Show and Wedding Fest. 

Italian Weddings and Events team is based in Italy, Zurich(Switzerland)and London(UK).


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