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Open the Door Events — a creative destination wedding planner that specialises in bespoke eco-luxe events in unique settings
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Open the Door Events – a creative destination wedding planner that specialises in bespoke eco-luxe events in unique settings

Open the Door Events is a creative wedding design studio based in Spain, specializing in laid-back luxury events throughout Europe. With 10 years of experience in designing weddings worldwide, they craft immersive sensory experiences in inspirational settings closely connected to nature.

Connection serves as the foundation of their design concepts. Opi Kaur, the founder and creative director, is British-born and has lived and worked in 40 countries. Deeply valuing the importance of time spent with loved ones, Opi emphasizes the significance of slowing down. Conscious of how little we see our family and friends once we move away from home, OTD creates weddings where everything flows naturally, rather than adhering to strict timelines imposed by vendors who may not grasp this concept. Her goal is to give clients their time back in every way possible, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in love. This is achieved through thoughtfully curated bespoke packages, enabling couples to focus their energy on what truly matters.

Open the Door Events

"Let me sculpt your dreams over a blank canvas and give them body, form, scent, tone, sound, mood, texture and light"

Every wedding they design exudes an understated elegant eco-luxe feel, and they take pride in minimizing their events' environmental impact. Each season, they donate to land regeneration projects, revitalizing soil fertility.

Open the Door events are sought out internationally for their unique vision and eye to enhance spaces and create one-of-a-kind celebrations. They have designed otherworldly weddings in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Morocco, Bali, Mexico, and Colombia and have been recognized by top international wedding blogs such as Vogue for their inspirational design.

06 April 2024

Our wedding was a literal dream

If you’re reading this, YOU’VE FOUND YOUR PLANNER. If you’re thinking about working with Opi, or been presented with the opportunity to work with her, DO IT!!! We couldn’t more highly recommend her. She was the perfect wedding planner - thoughtful, charming, active listener. Our wedding weekend (pre-wedding event, wedding, and post-wedding event) was a literal dream; it looked like it was out of a magazine. Our family can’t stop talking about the experience, how lovely the team was, and how unique and gorgeous everything was. Opi’s design aesthetic is amazing and her personality and the vendors she works with are world class. We had so much fun with all of them and felt so comfortable on our special day. She made this process enjoyable rather than stressful. She was never short on ideas, suggestions, and recommendations. We were always the final decision makers but felt armed with all the information we needed to make a great decision (and we did, each and every time). If we could give her a million stars, we would. We’ve already discussed working with her again for our future vow renewal; she’s that good!!!
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24 March 2024

I can’t put into words how magical our experience was

Opi completely blew us away creating and designing our elopement in Bali. Seeing our reception for two brought me to tears… the draping, the chandelier, the candlelight, the stunning fresh florals and of course the view of the volcano from our open bamboo villa in the sky! I can’t put into words just how wonderful, dreamy and magical our experience was. Thank you so much for Opi for making our dream elopement in Bali a reality.
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24 November 2023

Opi exceeded our expectations in every way possible

We had the pleasure of working with Opi, our wedding planner, for our wedding in Seville, our region, while we were living in Australia. We can confidently say that Opi exceeded our expectations in every way possible. Here's our review highlighting the exceptional qualities and services she provided:
First and foremost, Opi's professionalism and ability to establish trust from the beginning were remarkable. Despite the distance and the challenges of planning a wedding remotely and a pandemic, we completely trusted her ability to deliver, and she did not disappoint. She took our vision and brought it to life, going above and beyond what we could ever imagined.
One of the things that impressed us the most was Opi's talent for selecting the best vendors tailored to our vision. The entire team she assembled contributed to the success of our three-day celebration. From the decorations to the logistics, every detail was meticulously planned and executed flawlessly. Opi's dedication to finding the best deals without compromising on quality was commendable. She fought for us to ensure we received the highest value for our investment.
What truly sets Opi apart is her ability to capture our taste and essence with just a few conversations. She understood our vision and translated it into a dream-like reality. Our weekend wedding felt like an enchanting journey, and everything was perfect. Opi's creativity shone through in every aspect, leaving not only us but also the venues, vendors, and guests in awe. Even people who only saw the pictures and posts from the celebration couldn't help but be amazed by the unique and breathtaking wedding she orchestrated.
Throughout the entire process, Opi ensured that everything was smooth and transparent for us. We were able to focus on enjoying the journey without any stress or worries. Her attention to detail and her ability to handle any challenges that arose made a world of difference. The result was a wedding that became a peaceful and unforgettable memory, rather than a stressful or busy event.
I must also mention that Opi's dedication was truly exceptional. She managed our wedding, which had to be postponed three times due to COVID, for three years. Throughout this time, she remained committed, always keeping us updated and handling all the necessary adjustments. We only had to worry about signing new contracts, as Opi took care of everything else. Her reliability and support during this difficult period were invaluable.
Lastly, I want to emphasize Opi's wonderful personality. She is not only a talented professional but also a genuinely caring and friendly individual. Her warmth and compassion made us feel comfortable and assured throughout the entire process.
In conclusion, we wholeheartedly recommend Opi as a wedding planner. She will earn your trust, bring your vision to life, and create a wedding experience that exceeds your wildest dreams. Her commitment, creativity, and caring nature make her an exceptional professional in the industry. We are forever grateful to Opi for making our wedding a truly magical and unforgettable event. We just want to do it all over again. 
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13 August 2023

Her work is beautifully unique

Opi and her team at Open the Door Events are phenomenal partners and passionate creatives, who we simply can’t thank enough. They created the most mind-blowingly magical three days for us – a string of events that were everything we hoped for and more, to the point where family and friends are still waxing lyrical about the “epic-ness” months down the line.
When we first googled wedding planners in Spain, we were worried we’d have to settle with a traditional company that felt outdated and nothing like us, but thankfully we found Opi. From our very first call, we were filled with confidence that we’d found someone relatable, ambitious, and tapped in – someone who could realize a party that was equal parts fun, meaningful, and stylish.
There were so many things that made working with Opi second to none. First off, her approach to understanding what we had in mind was seamless, enjoyable, and highly effective. We were also really impressed by her ability to stretch outside her personal style to realize the more minimal aesthetic we were looking for. Something else we believe makes her work beautifully unique, is her unwavering passion for anchoring everything in nature; she really can see beyond the land to what could be. For example, our ceremony took place in a large, neglected field and yet her design made our nuptials intimate and charming. But perhaps our favorite quality of all, is how Opi makes the day itself a true journey that unfolds from one space and vibe to another, followed by another and another and another. Opi never used the same space twice, so it felt like the venue that kept on giving. Surprises at every turn made the day even more special for us and our guests. And just like Opi and her immediate team, her network of creative partners is as committed, cool and creative as she is.
Opi really is the perfect modern-day wedding visionary and a wonderful human.
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29 July 2023


Open the Door Events are the best wedding planners in the world! We planned our wedding when Covid hit, had to push it for a year and Opi and her team finally pulled it off as the most magical day with 120 international guests in our new home Portugal.
From the first call, Opi was spectacular. She understood our vision about throwing an eco mini festival for our friends in an Onda Linda / Burning Man Style and balancing the tender/loving moments, kids activities with fun all-night parties. We wanted it to be a memorable experience and offered many activities (yoga, breath work, horse riding, star gazing) which allowed our guests to interact and get to know each other. Throughout the weekend Opi efficiently and quietly directed everything to flow flawlessly - if there was any issue we never heard about it.
Every call we had was great, Opi is extremely organized, handles everything with ease and seems to never get stressed. She’s got great humour and gently pushed back when my husband's requests were bordering on out of this world but relentlessly convinced our venue that she would take the lead and made sure everything we envisioned was possible. 
Quite simply, she’s the best wedding planner out there - I can't recommend her highly enough. My husband is a groomzilla and without Opi I wouldn’t have managed.
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