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Cipriani Wall Street® stands as a triumph of Greek revival architecture, as well as a grand and luxurious venue for events. This New York landmark served as the home of the New York Merchants’ Exchange, the New York Stock Exchange, the United States Customs House, and the headquarters of the National City Bank.
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Cipriani Wall Street

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55 Wall Street, Between William & Hanover Streets, New York, 10005

In the heart of New York's Financial District, the imposing columns and grand facade of Cipriani Wall Street stand out as a unique architectural treasure

Compared to the modern high-rises, this building harkens back to the temples and pillars of ancient Greece. Just seeing it transports you back in time to an era of statement-making structures.

Step inside, and the feeling continues. A towering 70-foot ceiling capped by a delicate dome fills the space with a soft, welcoming glow. The designs, textures, lighting - every detail whispers of a bygone time, carefully preserved for today. It's an irresistible blend of luxury and history that feels magical.

Cipriani Wall Street

But Cipriani Wall Street holds more than just architectural wonder - its walls tell the story of New York's financial history

It was once the bustling home of the Merchants' Exchange and the Stock Exchange, the heartbeat of the city's commerce. Later, as home to the U.S. Customs House and National City Bank, it saw countless fortunes made and lost. Each era added a new layer, making this building a living testament to the city's dynamic spirit.

Today, Cipriani Wall Street plays a different role. More than just a financial landmark, it now provides a storybook setting for life's special moments - fairy-tale weddings, elegant parties, precious memories in the making. The cuisine, service and aura of timeless luxury all come together to make each event here truly unforgettable.

Cipriani Wall Street has become more than bricks and mortar. It's an experience...a walk through time...a tribute to New York's style, reinvention and lasting grandeur. Every moment here lingers in the mind long after, as an emotion and a memory to treasure.

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