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List of top California wedding venues for every kind of event. Luxurious hotels, historic mansions, modern resorts – whatever you’re looking for, check THE WED to find the perfect match!


Best venues for your wedding day. Restaurants for intimate events, villas for large celebrations, and hotels perfect for the honeymoon – whatever you’re looking for, we picked the best options in each category to make sure you have the time of your life!


Celebrate Your Dream Wedding in Southern and Northern California

When it comes to picturesque wedding destinations, California offers a wealth of stunning locations that are perfect for your special day. Whether you dream of a romantic beach ceremony, a majestic mountain wedding, or a charming garden reception, Southern and Northern California have an abundance of wedding venues that will create unforgettable memories. Let's explore the diverse options for weddings in California and find the perfect venue to bring your dreams to life.

Weddings in Southern California: Beach Bliss and Urban Sophistication

Southern California's coastline is renowned for its breathtaking beauty, making it an ideal destination for beach weddings. Picture exchanging vows with your toes in the sand, surrounded by the soothing sound of crashing waves and the warm California sunshine. These venues provide a relaxed and romantic atmosphere for your ceremony and reception, creating a beachside paradise for your special day.

Urban Chic: Venues in Vibrant Cities

For couples who seek the energy and sophistication of a city wedding, Southern California has an array of venues located in vibrant urban centers. From luxurious hotels in downtown areas to chic event spaces with panoramic city views, these venues offer modern elegance and world-class amenities. Host your wedding in the heart of the city and let the urban ambiance enhance your celebration.


Best Wedding Venues in California

Northern California is home to majestic mountain ranges and breathtaking natural landscapes, providing a stunning backdrop for your wedding. Imagine saying your vows amidst towering redwoods or celebrating your reception in a rustic lodge surrounded by serene forest views. These venues offer a unique blend of natural beauty and rustic charm, creating an enchanting atmosphere for your special day.

Vineyard Splendor: Venues in Wine Country

Northern California's renowned wine country is dotted with picturesque vineyards and charming estates. These venues provide an idyllic setting for a romantic and intimate wedding. Imagine exchanging vows in the midst of rolling hills and vine-covered landscapes, followed by a reception in an elegant wine cellar or a charming outdoor courtyard. These venues offer a perfect blend of natural beauty, fine wines, and rustic elegance.

Planning Your Dream Wedding in California

When choosing a wedding venue in California, consider your guest count, preferred location, and specific amenities that are important to you. It's also recommended to schedule a visit to the venues to see the spaces firsthand and envision how they can bring your wedding vision to life.

California offers a wide range of wedding venues in both Southern and Northern regions, each with its unique charm and beauty. Start exploring today, and you'll find the perfect place to celebrate your love amidst California's stunning landscapes and vibrant cities. Create an unforgettable wedding experience that reflects your style and captures the essence of this incredible state.


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