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AZELINE – Minimalist French bridal dresses, made to measure in Paris
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AZELINE – minimalist French bridal dresses, made to measure in Paris

Azéline was born from the desire to offer a different experience. In order to revisit the codes, Azéline has reworked the image, the shapes, the inspirations to present the wedding dress as a real timeless fashion clothing. To impertinent, adventurous, ambitious women, they offer a dressingroom allowing them to reveal their personality; to be themselves on their wedding day. 

Made to measure in their Parisian workshop, each dress is the subject of special attention and a sharp use of their know-how. Each fabric is selected for its quality and perfection from the best French weavers, embroiderers and lacemakers. Azéline puts quality and style at the heart of its definition of the bride.


“To commit in an Azeline dress is to put elegance and impertinence in the spotlight”

Azéline is at the origin of the brand, which she chose eponymous. Angéline joined the adventure at its beginnings, to take in hand the workshop. Friends for many years, their individual paths offer them independence and complementarity. Their professional experiences in the world of luxury ; Azéline at Louis Vuitton and Hermès ; Angéline in bespoke lingerie at Cadolle ; gave them the same vision of what an exceptionnal product should be.

Collection pictures by Melodie Roux-Dufort.

22 July 2024

Thank you

I'm starting to come down little by little from my little cloud and I came across the first photos of our photographer this morning! We don't have anything yet, I don't have a complete photo of the dress yet, but I thought that was it I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very very much for all the experience you made me live, from the first fittings to the last!
I loved these moments with you! I'm still a FAN of my dress! On D-Day, I felt beautiful, strong and confident and you had a part in it !
I'll send you more photos as soon as I get them!
Thank you thank you thank you again and I can't wait to see the new collection
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22 July 2024

Too many emotions...

I can only recommend Azeline 1000% to all future brides! The materials are incredible, all the pieces are made handmade and made to measure in the workshop in Paris, and Azeline is so soft.
From the first fittings of her collection for the year, to the realization of the sketch of the dress of my dreams, to the different stages of design in canvas, construction then final piece, always surrounded by my friends, it wasan incredible process
So excited to wear it! 
Azéline, once again thank you very much for everything!
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