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The Rainbow Room just breathes New York City. This famous spot high above the hustle and bustle of the streets has seen it all. It blends the old with the new in a way only New York can.
Venues Rainbow Room
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30 Rockefeller Plaza 65th Floor, New York, NY 10112

This famous spot high above the hustle and bustle of the streets has seen it all

The art deco details transport you back in time. Legends were born inside these walls. You can almost hear the echoes of past parties with the movers and shakers from long ago. Looking out at the views of the city, you feel a part of something timeless.

Rainbow Room

The Rainbow Room brings together flavors from all over to reflect the diversity that is New York

Seasonal ingredients shine in the hands of talented chefs. The dishes look as gorgeous as they taste.

The drinks at the famous Bar SixtyFive are true works of art. Sip a classic cocktail or try something new and adventurous. With the sparkling city below, every drink feels special.

The Rainbow Room is about experiencing New York's spirit. Making memories that stay with you forever. There's no place quite like it for marking a special occasion. Or for soaking in the magic of the city on any old day. The Rainbow Room has earned its place as a New York treasure.

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