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Vika Paramonova crafts touching and atmospheric wedding films all over the world.

Paramonova Movies

Choice Awards 2022
by Junebug Weddings
WEVA Award 2019 World
Best videographer III Place
Panasonic Ambassadors

Victoria Paramonova crafts touching and atmospheric wedding films all over the world.

Victoria is the founder and a film director of Paramonova movies studio. She has been creating wedding films all over the world for the last 10 years. With her team of professionals, they work in different locations, making it an amazing experience to be a destination videographer. This also gives her the opportunity to work side by side with her husband, a wedding photographer

Paramonova Movies

«I believe it’s essential to combine classical style and fashion in modern wedding world.»

Victoria's works can be described as sensual and moving wedding films with aesthetic view in combination with emotional music. Her creativity and artistic approach together with these two directions will leave unforgettable emotions for years of a couple’s happy family life.



22 July 2024

“Time extinguishes emotions, erases details, muffles the dialogues played out in memory.

Inexorable to weaknesses and fears, despite all the efforts made, one day it will furrow our face with thin slits of wrinkles, dry up smooth hands and add silver to the hair that once burned with a flame.
But how hopelessly fading and doomedly transient our existence would be if there were no place in it for the ghostly, barely perceptible, but still hope, at least in one and only of the hundreds of thousands of rounds played, to deceive the natural course of time and steal from it from under nose lottery ticket, which is at stake immortality.
No one can grant us such a ticket except writers, painters, sculptors, musicians, photographers and filmmakers. They and only they are the keepers of the “flywheel of time”, to the magical action of which we turn in order to tear ourselves away from the reality of today, rewind the film, re-ignite the smoldering fire of memories, and, having deceived ourselves and ruthless shooters, return to the past for a moment.
Thanks to Paramonova movies, this cherished artifact - a story that gives eternal life - is now with us. Not a "roller", not a "video" and not a "wedding day chronicle". Real cinema. Quivering, sincere, touching, heartfelt. Without broken poses, inquisitive glances and theatrical kisses. You are the best thing that could, should and happened to our family history, of which you yourself have become an integral part.
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