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Oh, Maria Flores is a Flower Design Studio based in Lisbon that provides curated florals for weddings and events
Florists Oh, Maria Flores

Oh, Maria Flores is a flower design studio based in Lisbon that provides curated florals for weddings and events

Oh, Maria Flores, a wedding florist with a background in contemporary and sculptured compositions, has a passion for crafting ethereal designs full of movement. Working with various flower types and color palettes, her goal is to create uniquely tailored designs for clients. Maria and her team, dedicated to the belief that the greatness of every design lies in the smallest details, transitioned from a small flower shop in Lisbon to specializing in destination weddings. Inspired by her everyday arrangements on Instagram, Maria's journey began organically.

Oh, Maria Flores

“A mix of romantic and ethereal composition with sculptural elements”

Emphasizing inspiration drawn from the natural world, Maria appreciates the infinite possibilities of flower compositions, playing with various elements to bring her couple's visions to life. She skillfully navigates the delicate balance between the couple's preferences and her artistic vision, creating art with them in mind while preserving her signature style.

Maria strives to connect with couples, recognizing the significance of their once-in-a-lifetime moment. Her floral compositions aim to reflect the emotions of the day, incorporating elements that hold special meaning for the couple. In Maria's perspective, an unforgettable wedding floral arrangement is characterized by a sense of three-dimensionality, creating an immersive experience for viewers.

22 July 2023

A thousand thank-yous for your work

I could never have imagined it would turn out so magical. You were truly amazing Lots of love
17 June 2023

Maria is an absolute Flower Queen!

It was really hard finding the right florist for my wedding, especially whilst being in a different country, but as soon as I spoke to Maria I felt extremely confident that she understood my vision and would create something magical...and that's exactly what she did! Maria never got fed up with my constant Instagram spam! In fact, she was always happy for inspiration and she would do the same! Despite being super busy she always took time to send me ideas and respond to my questions. On the day of the wedding, my mum walked into my room crying after seeing the beautiful flower selection that had been delivered...before they had even been assembled! When I saw the fabulous flower arch, the perfect minimal table setting, the fireplace foliage, I was blown away... it was all literally PERFECT. Maria and her team worked tirelessly in the heat to make it all come together and were also very careful with their timings to make sure the flowers stay fresh in the 30 degree heat! Thank you so much for making my wedding dreams come true. I cannot recommend you enough and hope to visit your flower shop one day! 
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02 June 2023


We absolutely loved the flowers and bouquet, it looked beautiful and exacly fit the vibe we were going for. Thank you so much, it was wonderful to work with you and Charles and I are so thrilled 
15 October 2022

Thank you for helping make our day more beautiful

There are few things as wonderful as waking up the day after our wedding and feeling like it was truly the happiest day of our lives, with everything going incredibly well! You were a part of this day and you showed us that you were the best choice we could have made, everything was beautiful, absolutely perfect! You were amazing throughout the process, and the outcome was unbelievable. We are definitely a family that will be recommending Oh, Maria Flores for a lifetime!! 
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13 September 2022

I will be forever grateful for turning my wedding into a floral dream

You were the true warriors and saviors of the day during the storm that paid us a visit. I couldn’t have chosen a better brand and the best people. You just rock, and I’ll never forget all your love and help.

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