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List of top France professional videographer for every kind of event and wedding. Award winners who allow to re-live your special wedding day again and again!


Best wedding videographers. Based on our experience and aesthetics, we select the top professionals for weddings and private events


Top wedding videographers

The videographers represented on THE WED website are the top professionals who are madly in love with their work. Each of them has an own identity, which they embody in cinematic shots and personal scripts at the wedding.

They have many years of filming experience of luxurious wedding events and projects worldwide. They have good modern cinema equipment that allows them to shoot high quality videos. There are no boundaries and limits to perfection in their works, thanks to which they become the owners of prestigious professional awards and prizes every year.

While revealing genuine emotions through video filming, and capturing the thinnest strings of the human soul in the frame, these videographers create incredible films where lovers are the main characters.


Our wedding filmmakers

Peyton Frank

This female-owned and operated business is run by Peyton Frankherself. While she is based in Dallas, Texas, Frank travels all over the United States working at all types of weddings and celebrations. By beautifully combining captured footage, sound, and light, Peyton Frank makes magic with her lens. She was named one of the Best Wedding Filmmakers in the World by Harper’s Bazaar. 

Caleb Jordan Lee and East West Production

He and his team have traveled the world capturing nuptials in the most beautiful destinations on the planet. It’s one thing to film in familiar surroundings, it’s quite another to do it in a new country and produce the kind of quality that Lee and his team at East West produce.

Aaron Novak 

Aaron Novak is no stranger to industry recognition. He was featured in the Harper's Bazaar list of Best Wedding Filmmakers in the World and is widely respected in the industry for his creativity and supreme professionalism. Aaron takes an unobtrusive yet present approach to videography, ensuring that he captures the moments that matter without disrupting the natural flow of your special day. His aesthetic varies according to the style and personality of the couple but in the end, all of his works have the same polished and timeless quality to them. 

Max Cutrone

Max Cutrone creates modern wedding films that few others can replicate. His approach to capturing these moments is similar to most videographers but that is where the similarities end.The end product is a modern and remarkable wedding film that you’ll be able to show your family for generations to come. 

Paramonova Movies

They are keepers of the “flywheel of time”, and only videographers from the Paramonova Movies studio turn to that magical effect for breaking away from the reality of today, rewinding the tape, reigniting the dying ashes of memories, and, deceiving themselves and the cruel arrows, returning for a moment into the past.

Liron Erel

Every couple is different and to not tailor your approach to each coupe would be doing that couple a disservice. Erel’s work captures all of the things that matter. Driven by the sense of nostalgia, he sees his mission in creating the images that you & your loved ones will be looking at in the decades to come with teary eyes of joy. Liron's style is natural & organic and he likes to shoot a wedding as if I he one of your guests, raw, from the inside-out.


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