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Best wedding photographers. Based on our experience and vision for the future, we select professionals we can recommend for weddings and private events


Best wedding photographer

These professional photographers capture good natural light, beautiful details, and a touching atmosphere in their shots. The result of their work is a photo mirroring the uniqueness and personality of each couple. They are finalists and winners of prestigious awards, and they find their inspiration for filming while traveling, shooting weddings in different famous parts of the world. See information about photographers’ services, reviews, and portfolios on their personal pages.

Doing a wedding photoshoot or concept photography in a studio is a favorite job for these photographers. Here TOP15MOSCOW project presents the names of the best professionals who are really famous and become the best in the photo industry.


Photographer for a wedding

Days Made Of Love

Days Made Of Love is a wedding photography studio specializing in shooting weddings at the Greek islands, in Europe, and at selected worldwide destinations. Fanis Rami and Jenny Grapatsas create a photography team Days Made Of Love with the base out of Athens, Greece while being a couple in real life. Over the past few years, they have shot weddings at some of the most alluring Mediterranean destinations, and throughout the rest of Europe as well. Days Made Of Love are known for their effortless style, they concentrate on ‘capturing the moment’, not on posing.

Anastasia Abramova-Guendel

Wedding photographer Anastasia Abramova-Guendel has an extensive shooting experience for French and international brands. Anastasia Abramova-Guendel is a Russian-born natural light photographer living in Paris, France. Over 20 years ago she left home for studies abroad and since then lived in Italy, Germany, Austria, Costa Rica and now France. Fluent in 5 languages she has been photographing international weddings around the world since 2007.

Alina Raynal

Alina Raynal is a wedding photographer. She is close to the aesthetics and romance of Paris.The photographer shoots each couple's wedding as her own. With this in mind, the photographer goes to the bride and groom, that’s why wedding pictures are so honest: with elusive emotion, exciting moments during the preparation and ceremony, and light aesthetics of the wedding day.



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