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Soph and Nath are a husband and wife duo - Soph takes the photos and Nath takes the films.

Soph & Nath are lead by story and find purpose in genuine connections – with and between their couples. An image without connection is pointless, it’s just a tick box or Pintrest board. An authentic image has to start with connection which leaves behind a memory, deep feeling or a sense of belonging. They value the genuine connections they have with their couples, seeking out their personality, resonating with their story and sharing a little of Soph & Nath along the way. This exchange of ‘heart’ injects a sense of home in their images and a sense of nostalgia and belonging for their couples.

Salt media's images were beautifully described by one of their couples: “It’s like you find the home in people and capture that”


Salt media

«Our goal is to capture the beautiful mess and tangle of a wedding day and preferring authenticity to the perfectly posed.»

At home Soph & Nath naturally gravitate to slow easy days where their hair is unkept, and shoes are barely worn. An afternoon spent walking the beach with our dog and enjoying the slow and small things.

Salt media's images are much the same. Simple, genuine and non-fussy, but full of a messy kind of elegance. Pictures that focus on emotion in a simple and cinematic way.



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