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Allegory Events – a bespoke wedding planning studio throughout the UK and Europe.

Dedicated to weaving your relationship, personalities, values, cultural traditions and history into the design narrative of your day, Allegory Events is more than a simple wedding planner. It aims to be an extension of you and your partner by working hard to really get to know you. The studio focuses on making your wedding full of meaningful details that sweep you and your guests into a unique story. It cares deeply about connection. It is dedicated to bringing you closer to your partner, and bringing you both closer to your guests.

Allegory Events exists to elevate your celebration into an unforgettable party, teeming with magical moments that ignite incredible memories.

Allegory Events

"The story of your relationship is impossible to ignore"

Using a unique process of getting to know you, Allegory Events will design a mesmerising celebration that embraces your unique and individual style. So whether your preference is for a minimalist, organic, luxury or culturally sensitive design, studio will help plan a day that looks as good as it feels.

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