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Hilde Stories – intimate weddings & events that tell a story.
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Hilde Stories – intimate weddings & events that tell a story.

Hilde is the work of Anne Ladegast-Chiu. For Anne the planning and the designing in weddings are inseparable, as so many aspects of a wedding day are, in the end, visual and have a direct impact on how guests feel or behave. 

Starting with how the venue is setup and lit, to how a caterer presents their food or staff, over to where your entertainment is placed or how your guests are being transported and ushered throughout the day. Guest experience (or ‘experience design’) is everything for Anne and her team, and the right visual design and styling will enhance this even more. 


«HILDE’s design-led approach to contemporary weddings and has the guest experience at heart.

Elements such as artful and considered flower arrangements, unseen tableware, bespoke graphic design or chic signage can really bring a couple’s story, aesthetics and personalities to life and I’m the first to get lost in them. 

Depending on your vision and budget, HILDE will pick out one, two or more areas where they can really make a difference and leave a lasting impression, by weaving in as much character and charm as possible. 

No matter a couples’ brief and whether you are planning an intimate city wedding, chic destination wedding or an elopement or wedding after party, Anne's aim is always to create the best energy and a good and meaningful time together for everyone present. 

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