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Danielle Frankel – a bridal label made in New York.
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Danielle Frankel – a bridal label made in New York.

Danielle Frankel finds endless inspiration in celebration. Danielle Hirsch, the lead designer, creates designs that fuse traditional and modern aesthetics to create iconic pieces that appeal to a bride’s wildest desires. Prior to founding her own label, Hirsch held design positions at Vera Wang and was educated at Parsons School of Design.

Proudly made in New York’s Garment District, dresses from Danielle Frankel combine intricacy with simplicity to create an unexpected take on bridalwear.

Danielle Frankel

«Inspired by celebration and the beauty of bridal.»

Danielle Frankel fabrics, techniques and aesthetics are simple yet intricate in both construction and finishings. At the core of every piece there are elements of whimsy and vulnerability encapsulating both the bride's story and what lies ahead.

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