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Abigail Lewis: Extraordinary moments documented with impeccable style
Photographers Abigail Lewis
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Abigail Lewis – extraordinary moments documented with impeccable style.

With more than twelve years of experience as a photographer and a background in fine arts + design, Abigail approaches every wedding as an opportunity to document her clients in a meaningful and genuine way. She combines a documentary approach with an editorial eye, and understands the nuances that are in play throughout each wedding weekend. Her work has been featured in iconic publications including Vogue, Over the Moon, Antibride, etc. 

Abigail Lewis

“I’m consistently drawn towards experience-focused clients that are truly, unapologetically themselves. My job, as your photographer, is to create a safe space that then allows me to create imagery that can never be replicated…to capture both the planned and the unplanned. The images I create only become richer with time.”

Her clients choose to celebrate their marriage in various destinations including Upstate New York, Mexico, Northern California, and more. Abigail also creates complementary work within the brand and fashion world, including clients such as Free People, Anthropologie, FP Movement, and others. 


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