Alina Renal

Alina Renal is a wedding photographer. She is close to the aesthetics and romance of Paris.
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Alina Raynal is a wedding photographer. She is close to the aesthetics and romance of Paris.

Alina shoots in the most beautiful corners of the world from Moscow to Lake Como. But most of her works she made in France, especially in Paris. Reviewing her work, you would want to drink coffee at the Palais Royal, kiss on the lawn by the Eiffel Tower, and hug, spend the evening on one of the Pont Seine.

Alina Raynal

Alina's photographs are full of romance and always about genuine feelings.

The photographer shoots each couple's wedding as her own. With this in mind, the photographer goes to the bride and groom, that’s why wedding pictures are so honest: with elusive emotion, exciting moments during the preparation and ceremony, and light aesthetics of the wedding day.Couples choose a photographer for her relevance to the work. She has the ability to notice, see something special in the simple things, and create pictures that you will want to review with children after decades. The photographer admits that she is in love with weddings and with the burning eyes of the people she meets at celebrations. This is her greatest inspiration and favorite job, where she is daily improving skills, creating touching wedding stories.

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