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Carolina Sandoval is an Italian photographer who dedicates her photography to modern romantics

Carolina's main job as a destination wedding photographer is to guide the couples to make their dream Italian wedding come true. Her artistic experience is extended in various spheres, starting from fashion, to publishing, photography and cinema. The broad experience guarantees an accurate attention to all the details of your event.

Her style is contemporary, refined and aesthetic. The portraits of her are natural and inspired by art.

Carolina Sandoval

«If you like photos with an elegant, sophisticated and modern style, I’m your photographer»

Carolina easily adapts to the needs of her clients while maintaining her own distinctive line. She prefers intimacy and those who are used to enhancing beauty in the variety of different forms. Every experience, whether it's a wedding, alopement, a romantic getaway or an editorial, is a unique story and she loves being able to fit every proposal tailored to the client.

While based in Tuscany, Carolina often travels across Europe to meet her clients and guide them through their event there. She is fluent in Italian, English and Spanish and is available to travel around the world.

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