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Courtney Sinclair Photography – Modern wedding photography for folks in love
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Courtney Sinclair Photography – modern wedding photography for folks in love

Courtney has been drawn to capturing emotions since she first picked up a camera in high school. At first, it was a creative outlet – a fun way to capture the ever changing teenage years. But as high school turned into college, it quickly became a passion that turned into a career.

In 2019, she wed her high school sweetheart, Cameron, in the beautiful mountains of Glacier National Park. Soon after, they decided to start the journey of working alongside each other. That day forever changed their outlook on how they approach photographing weddings, and has made them appreciate how important it is to capture these moments for their couples.

Courtney Sinclair

“Nostalgic wedding photography, inspired by you”

Courtney & Cameron’s approach to photographing weddings is a little different from the norm. While they certainly get those timeless, smiling-at-the-camera photos, they also want to document the feeling of the day. The laughter, the tears, and the beautiful, perfectly imperfect chaos. Using both film and digital mediums, they bring a refined yet nostalgic approach to their client’s wedding images – a gallery of images that truly show the emotion of the day.

26 February 2024

Courtney and Cameron were everything we could have ever wanted for our wedding day photographers. Putting the flawless photos aside (both engagement photos and wedding day photos), these two provided the greatest wedding day experience imaginable.
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26 February 2024

They are amazing!

Courtney and her husband Cameron were the most incredible engagement and wedding photographers. Very rarely have I had an experience where I am not just totally satisfied, but completely blown away by the entire experience of working with professionals, but Courtney and Cameron did just that. 
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