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Photographers Elisabetta Marzetti
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Elisabetta Marzetti is one of the most sought wedding photographers in Italy, who has shot during fashion weeks in Milan, New York, Paris and London

Elisabetta's photographs are elegant and deep. Her portraits are amazing. They consist of a balance of softness and a couple’s courage, tenderness and passion, love and pride. With her photograph, she “touches” the human soul, conveying all the aesthetics of the moment that she feels during the shooting.

Elisabetta Marzetti

Photos by Elisabetta Marzetti are about love and beauty

Elisabetta works in the most beautiful places on the planet. Among them are Lake Como, Venice, Dolomites, Florence, Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, Sicily and Paris. Elisabetta acquired her unique taste and sensibility while working on fashion weeks in Milan, New York, Paris and London. The photographer never limited herself to seeing the obvious, but always tried to master the art of capturing the most subtle moments.

She is always true to her impeccable style and approaches to photography, so she shoots a certain amount of weddings a year without exceeding it. This is how her works become the embodiment of classic elegance and exceed the highest expectations of the bride and groom.

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