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Francesca Angrisano – an Italian photographer with tulle on her lens
Photographers Francesca Angrisano
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Francesca Angrisano – an Italian photographer with tulle on her lens

Born in Naples, in 1979, Francesca moved to Rome at the age of 19 to study photography at the European Institute of Design. Shortly, she fell in love with the city, and having explored all its little corners and alleys, she decided to stay there.

Only a short break took her to Milan for a year, where she worked in an Art Gallery, having plenty of time to enjoy the beauty of Art and to think about herself and what could be her future. Francesca has also enjoyed a quite unique experience of teaching the magic of Photography to the inmates of Bollate Prison. In her new role as a teacher, she learned to observe the beauty of people, so colorful even in a place where there is very little color, a gift that would serve her later in her work. 

After returning to Rome, Francesca soon implemented a new role in life – a mother. She would always try to capture every moment of someone who would later become her most faithful and smallest 'assistant'.

Francesca Angrisano

«For me, the most important thing is to be able to capture the beauty and transmit it to others in the form of an indefinite moment»

Today Francesca works as a full-time wedding photographer.

Since 2010, she has been photographing mainly family portraits and weddings, the latter being her absolute favorite as she finds every kind of photography in them: from portraits to reportage, still life, landscape, and fashion, which has always been her first photographic interest since her school days.

Francesca's photography style can be defined as artistic and poetic. Above all she strives to preserve her own style, looking for the indefinite, the imperfection, the poetry of color, and the pure magic of black and white.

In 2021 she was also a speaker at the Legacy Workshop in France and in 2022 at the Reminiscence Workshop in Berlin.

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