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Isabel captures emotive love stories with passion and honesty
Photographers Isabel Ortega Sampson
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Isabel captures emotive love stories with passion and honesty.

Isabel Ortega Sampson is an international portrait and wedding photographer, who is currently based in Mexico City. 

Through her lens, Isabel finds beauty in unexpected corners and creases, with light as her most important ally, she has developed a passionate and honest vision to tell love stories, creating something extraordinary out of the simplest moments. 

Isabel Ortega Sampson

«I believe that the best photographs are those that are honest and authentic, evoking emotions that linger long after the image has been viewed»

As a photographer, she finds unique joy from creating images that feel like poetry. With her obsession for detail and her ability to empathize with each particular story, she strives to provide her clients with images that are filled with meaning and emotion – a visual story that reflects the atmosphere of their wedding day.

She is dedicated to providing her clients with the highest level of service and artistry to create a stress-free and seamless experience. Building trust and connection allows couples to fully relax and be present on their wedding day, knowing their memories are safe in her hands. Her style is honest, natural, and unexpected. Each gallery tells a story full of details, portraits, and candid shots that'll take viewers through a rollercoaster of emotions – instantaneous moments that will live on forever.

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