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Monique Bianca – a Californian photographer with nostalgic style.
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Monique Bianca – a Californian photographer with a nostalgic style.

For as long as Monique can remember her favorite hobby was pulling out boxes of photographs and sifting through the hundreds of thousands of family photos. She would ask her mom «when was this?» and so the story would begin. To this day looking at printed film photographs makes Monique all giddy inside.

In her early adult years, she found herself madly in love and on a constant adventure with the opportunity to live in some beautiful & inspiring places; some of which included San Francisco, Mendocino, and San Diego. Monique photographed her love, her day-to-day, her outings, and her personal life. This need to document led her to then photographing other people’s love, and it became by far the most fulfilling. 

Monique Bianca

«I'm just a California girl with love in her eyes and flowers in her hair, that’s a Led Zeppelin lyric but I totally relate.»

Lover of the ocean, California, the 70's, being barefoot, shadows, golden light, the color blue, road trips, sunsets, VW's, solo jam sessions in the car, beach days, wild hair, tiki bars, getting lost in new places, dancing, sushi, and good music.

Monique's photography style can be described as nostalgic and photojournalistic. She specializes in telling love stories on film & digital photographs, as well as super 8 films. She tells your story as it unfolds through the day. She prompts when needed and does her best to make being photographed feel as natural as possible. Together with Monique you tell your story, your way.

06 December 2023

Absolute dream!

Monique is an absolute dream. And I say absolute dream because she is a dream in every element of her profession. Her talent is unmatched. Her care for clients is unlike anything I have ever experienced. Her keen eye and attention to detail allows her the ability to capture the full essence of her subjects. Her dedication to improvement is so inspiring (although, I truly do not know how she could become any more talented). And, her ability to meet you where you are is so unbelievably comforting - especially for those (like me) who are nervous about feeling awkward or not knowing how to pose. 
Monique makes the process so effortless and so enjoyable. In doing so, she allowed my husband and I to feel completely natural. We were so nervous about “posing” ahead of our wedding day. But, the portrait portion of our day ended up being our favorite part because we were able to just be “us”. Monique directed us with ease and encouraged us to enjoy our time together (instead of prescribing us to pose). Her direction is so apparent in the stunning images she captured. We are forever grateful to Monique for so perfectly capturing our day. I cannot even begin to accurately articulate the amount of love our photos received. I kid you not when I say ALL of our friends and family will be hiring Monique to be their photographer.
Thank you, Monique, for the gift of the moments you so perfectly captured. The joy your images bring us is so special!!

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