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Reagan Suitt – wedding photographer based in California, USA

Reagan’s approach to the wedding day is looking for the in-between moments that bring emotion, context and story telling into your gallery. When she hand picks each photo, she is not simply looking to include a snapshot of every moment but instead string together each piece of the day as if they were stills pulled from a movie and you're the main character.

It looks like using light, composition and seemingly insignificant details to create a photo that shows the emotions you were feeling. It looks like slowing down and creating space on your wedding day to take a deep breath, experience the moment and let the emotion fill you up. It looks like helping you to curate your wedding day to be nothing more and nothing less than exactly what you imagined. (because she is a firm believer that a wedding day truly can be whatever you want it to be.) 


Olive and Oath

«Intimate moments. Honest Imagery. Those are the two phrases that come to mind when I think about what I want to create as a wedding day historian»

There is an abundance of human nuance found in the in-between moments on a wedding day. It's the anticipation found in the eyes of a bride before she steps into her dress. It's the laughter exchanged by the groom and his groomsmen as they attempt to tie their bow ties for the first time. These are a culmination of every moment lived prior to the big day that she aims to capture. As a photographer, her heart and goal is to step into these quickly fleeting moments and share a glimpse of the emotion that was years in the making. 

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