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Rebecca Rees
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Rebecca Rees – wedding photography, based in the UK

Rebecca's photography style can have a fashion and editorial feel to it, her heart lies in photojournalism. Rebecca thrives on seeking out the true moments of emotion and connection between people and endeavour to create images with movement, light and authenticity rather than static posed shots that feel contrived or forced. She has a few techniques that she uses with her couples to bring out those natural moments organically but for most of the day she tends to document the story as it unfolds and leave you to celebrate the day.




Rebecca Rees

«My work is heavily influenced by my background in fashion and magazines, having worked in the media industry for a decade as the online Picture Editor for Vogue in London and Picture Director at Harper’s Bazaar magazine in Dubai»

Rebecca shoots her weddings on film as well as digital. She loves film for its aesthetic value; Rebecca believes that the fine grain and texture as well as the colour or tone of a photograph shot on film cannot be emulated digitally, but also shooting on film has taught her new ways of looking at my surroundings. Primarily, it has taught her to be patient.

Waiting for and preempting the image before she takes it means she becomes more present in the moment and allows her more time for creativity. It has also taught Rebecca to embrace the imperfections and the unknown; the light leaks, the soft focus and the grain are all elements that give her images their beauty and character.

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