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Scott Bui Co is a wedding & editorial photographer based in the USA, NYC

«Sometimes, words are ephemeral, but a photograph is eternal.» It is a priceless gift that should be preserved authentically. Each wedding is bespoke to their uniqueness, Scott creativities are created in the moments that the couple share with their loved ones. In those moments, there are timelessness. 

Scott incorporates editorial to his approach, which gives it a rebellious touch of modern. Still, honoring traditional candid moments. His style moves like water, giving him the range to create some exceptional images for his couple.




Scott Bui Co

«No matter how tough life can get or how tall those obstacles are in front of us. The images we take are there to remind us of how happy we once were and how easy life was. We always go back to that moment to reminisce how easy and precious life is and remind ourselves that those days can be relived.»

The aspiring photographer resides in New York City. He seeks inspiration from many that had come before him like Greg Williams or Robert Doisneau. Forever a student and seek meditation in traveling. 

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