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Stefanie Keeler
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Stefanie Keeler is a Florida photographer, documenting love through film and digital all over the U.S.

Blending classic wedding photographs and honest moments on your wedding day, Stefanie is inspired by effortless joy, golden sunshine and human connection. She strives to capture how the day felt and every moment the couple wants to remember, when only photos live on after the wedding day. Preserving these moments through film and digital, she chases both the big laughs and the quiet moments.



Stefanie Keeler

«There is truly nothing like getting to photograph people on their most joyous day. The anticipation, the excitement, the celebration, and everything in between. I adore the wedding day from all of its simplicity to the vibrant, unforgettable moments I get to be a part of.»

Stefanie loves the uniqueness of each wedding she has the honor of photographing. She is a coastal girl who found her dream job photographing folks all over the world. Meeting and capturing incredible people who value their love, their people and being truly themselves on their wedding day.

23 July 2024

It is hard to adequately describe Stefanie’s talent in words

Not only is she capable of capturing joy and genuine beauty in a way that somehow looks effortless, she is also a true gem of a person and incredible to work with. She has a way of making even the most camera-shy of subjects feel at ease and is full of the most thoughtful and creative ideas. No one is more moving and skilled behind a lens. Everything she produces is art and we are so grateful to have photographs of precious family memories to be cherished for our lifetime and beyond.
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