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Morelife films are creators of modern, cinematic and romantic wedding films. Morelife Films is a creation based on having and capturing a good time
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Morelife Films is a creation based on having and capturing a good time

A small boutique team of 3 consisting of John, Elliot and Chelsea. Morelife Films are creators of modern, cinematic and romantic wedding films. As the name would suggest, they are cravers of life’s greatest entertainment. As a team, they’re under the impression that the best stories are told through sturdy connections and good vibes.

They’re not flies on the wall, they’re feet on the floor. That means Morelife Films are interacting, mingling and making friends with your nearest and dearests, so that they can capture the moments when their personalities really shine. 


Morelife Films

«Our goal has always been to tell the authentic story of two people and the way they live to their fullest potential»

Their approach to weddings is modern – open minded and flexible. Half their job is improvising, so they thrive on taking advantage of all things unexpected. Sure, they seem like they're just hanging out and having a good time, and let’s face it, they are. But their attention to detail is always turned up in the background. Don’t let their relaxation deceive you – the level of perfectionism behind the scenes and screens is their best kept secret. 

Morelife Films' couples invest in them, so the team invests back. Mentally, emotionally and figuratively. Every film is custom-made, just as each of the couples are unbelievably unique. Raw and organic. Every special moment given the right glory, no emotion left unturned. 

25 February 2024

I just can’t. I am speechless, and struggling to see through the glassy-eyes I have

You have made a grown man cry (don’t make me try and find words to describe what state Jess is in at the moment). What. An. Unbelievable. Edit. I knew the first time I saw your work that you were the ones, but I never in my wildest dreams thought you could capture a day like that. 
You know how much work I put into that wedding, and to see someone capture it, edit it, produce it, and send us that incredible video that we will cherish forever is just… wow.
I know Jess has so many things to say, so strap in for that tomorrow. But for now, excuse me while I have it on repeat and happy cry myself to sleep.
I dream of being so talented in my chosen field, you guys are the proof it can happen.
I can’t thank you enough.We would undoubtedly be recommending Morelife to anyone with an event worth capturing!
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25 February 2024

To the Morelife team, we can’t thank you enough

We are still on cloud nine but wanted to come back down to Earth for a hot second to say a massive THANK YOU. The energy and good vibes you brought to our day were next level. You made it so easy to be followed round with a camera all day (something Liam is used to but certainly not Georgia or our wedding party). You felt like a couple of friends having a cracker of a time that just happened to have mammoth cameras with you. Doesn’t get much better than that. 
We have had a million people ask whether we were all good friends from way back because of the way you made us so comfortable. What a compliment to you! 
We absolutely cannot wait to see the magic you create. Capturing all the feels of that day will not be a small feat but we already have no doubt you will nail it.
Thank you again. We wish we were having another wedding so we could do it all again, but we know absolutely nothing will top the magic of Saturday. 
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