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THEWED — Wedding planners, photographers, videographers, decorators and other wedding professionals. People from all over other world trust us with the most luxurious events. All in one project.
Trend: Artistic Arrangements Bold compositions in a painterly palette
18 Jul 2024
40 Flower Table Centerpiece Ideas From trending arrangements to timeless blooms
09 Jul 2024
Trend: Overgrown Foliage Installations Mesmerizing greens and sprawling moss for a captivating event design
02 Jul 2024
Cascading Flower Bouquets Spilling with texture and abstract forms
28 Jun 2024
Event Design: Colors for a Summer Wedding 7 trending palettes no matter your wedding style
27 May 2024
38 Calla Lily Arrangement Ideas Timeless eye-catching blooms for your bouquets and centrepieces
24 May 2024
19 Best Florists in the US The masters of breathtaking floral compositions
30 Apr 2024
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20 Mar 2024
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09 Feb 2024
Wedding Colors for 2024 Our predictions and tips
27 Dec 2023
15 Best Florists in the UK These professionals create some of the most gorgeous and unique floral designs
31 Oct 2023
"I Love Diving Deep Into the Details That Bring Wedding Flower Design to Life," says Jess Gale Meet Jess Gale, a seasoned florist and founder of Sassafras Wedding
25 Sep 2023
"Your Event is Just as Important to Us as It is to You," Says Mrs Gibbons Flowers Dive into the world of Amber Gibbons - the driving force behind Mrs Gibbons Flowers
18 Sep 2023
Avoiding Bouquet Blunders: Your Essential Guide By Ash + Oak
11 Sep 2023
17 Best Florists in Australia & New Zealand Excited to meet these floral magicians?
05 Sep 2023
17 Best Wedding Florists in Europe Discover their breathtaking creations
29 Aug 2023
15 Best Florists for a Stylish Bridal Bouquet New York, California, New Jersey and Miami based professionals
23 Apr 2022
15 Best Wedding Stylists & Florists in America Here’s a round-up of our favorite wedding stylists and florists in the United States
21 Feb 2022
Herbaceous Bridal Bouquets Inject some freshness into your bridal bouquet with these flower and herb combinations
27 Aug 2021


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