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BrancoPrata, is a multi-disciplinary creative studio founded in 2003, that brings film photography, and visceral, statement floral design & creative direction to forward-thinking couples and clients, aiming to thoughtfully distill elegance into fresh, sincere and compelling images, events and editorials woven into the visual language of movement and emotions.
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Branco Prata is a creative studio with film photography, statement floral design & direction for forward-thinking clients.

For Sofia Ferreira, BrancoPrata's niche botanical designer and creative director, a hyper-personal approach, ardent storytelling, and cultural advocacy merge to embody the art of curating the efflorescent recherché.

Running the gamut from meticulously curated floral universes to transient installations and florid vignettes, Sofia's exponentially complex craft with wedding couples and commercial clients has garnered international critical acclaim for luxury florals that are excellently researched and carefully realized.

Branco Prata

“Floral design is equal parts nature, human intervention, and interpretation. I aim to perceive each stem beyond its prescribed values or technical challenges and translate the wordless tongue of flowers into the personal story people will experience”

Employing the sprouting world's pan-cultural and emotional science, Sofia's work elegantly demonstrates how floral design can sit between undisguised earthiness, informed scape architecture, and the bounty of memory, while her seasonal cuts gone sculptural upend floral expectations, melding the fresh and the frozen-in-time.

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