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Flowers Living offers one-of-a-kind flower designs made with love

Marta, the founder of Flowers Living has spent her entire life in flowers and design. Raised in the south of Tuscany, Italy, as a child you could find Marta drawing and painting outdoor, pulling inspiration from the amazing sceneries around her.

After her graduation in Foreign Languages and Literature from the University of Siena, Marta got a master degree in Interior Design with her sights set on pursuing a career in floral and interior design.

Flowers Living

“We always work on a personalized proposal based on clients' preferences, and we create and put together a floral design for them”

In 2013 Marta opened her own business, a small floral boutique, where she selected the most beautiful and unique flowers combined with exclusive home decorations for her clients.

Today Flowers Living showroom is based in the heart of Tuscany, precisely in Arezzo, close to Siena and Florence. There they present a vast selection of all the materials that can be use dfor your wedding: candleholders, lanterns, vases, pots, and so on. You can touch and choose them accordingly to the style of your event. 

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